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 Practice & Game "Time" Commitment

New players to league must submit a birth certificate prior to season. Birth certificates can be

submitted by EMAIL .


Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball: FALL 2015  


All on-line transactions with KWFCBA are secure through SportsPilot registration software. It’s quick and easy; just to go the registration tab at and click on the registration tab. Only MasterCard and Visa are accepted on-line.

If you do not want to register on-line and/or do not wish to pay by credit card, KWFCBA will also have limited on-site registration (see dates listed below) at which checks and/or cash will be accepted. You MUST register either on-line or in-person BEFORE tryouts! There is NO registration at tryouts.


Teams in each division are formed based upon the number of TIMELY players registered. Historical data is used to find sufficient number of coaches and plan the season. In the fall the number of participants is about 1/3 of spring due to school starting and other sports that traditionally play in the fall. While most leagues have strict cutoffs for registration KW/FCBA has always tried to accommodate those last minute and late registrations. HOWEVER, the past few FALL seasons a major problem has occurred with a significant number of last minute and ESPECIALLY late registrations. The scramble to find coaches at the last minute and moving the tryouts back shorting the practice time has become the norm instead of the exception. This has a tremendous impact on Pinto and above divisions. It has become a significant enough problem that player limits for each division have had to be put in place. The limits are based upon historical data. The goal is to provide for full complete teams formed and coached, based upon the date time stamp of registrants in the online system. It seems that many take it for granted that the league can just add their child at any time forgetting or not caring what it takes to do so or the impact it has on the others playing because they know no one wants to turn any child away. For those of you that have received countless emails and phone calls from the league trying to fill coaching positions to accommodate last minute and late registrations know this is a real problem.


To eliminate this problem player limits are in the registration system based upon historical data. For example: If a Fall division typically has 6 teams based upon historical data the player limit is 72. All players registering after the 72nd player will be placed on the wait list. If registration numbers show additional teams are required the player limit will be increased. Likewise, if registration numbers are lower than projected in a division the player limit will be reduced. In the past few seasons the problem is at the close of registration some divisions have players that can’t be placed on a team but registered due to an influx of last minute registrants. Attempts to accommodate this have been to reduce the number of players on a team from 12 to 11 and add a team and find a coach at the last minute. It is not always an option. This registration system change should provide for coaches to be found, properly scheduled practices, and the game schedules to be generated in a timely manner. When a player limit is reached, the players beyond the player limit are placed on a wait list until a complete team is reached AND a coach is found. If a sufficient number of players are not registered to form a complete team those players may remain on the wait list in case of a withdrawal in their division. Full Refunds are issued for those not assigned to a team.



Late Registration may not be available at all age groups. After Sept 8th ALL late registrations will be subject to a wait list and a significant late fee will apply to ALL late registrations.


Registration is open to all children who will be at least 4 years old as of April 30, 2016 but not older than 19 as of April 30, 2016. Players will be assigned to a division based on their age as of April 30, 2016 – no playing up! The “League Age Chart” can be found on our website under the Documents menu or on the Main Page by clicking on the Age Key Chart link.


Important Dates:  

Teams in each division are formed based upon the number of TIMELY players registered.


Register Online ---------------------------------------------- Aug 12th through Sept 8th

Register in person at KW/FCBA Office ----------------Tuesday, August 25, 6:30-8:00pm

Register in person at KW/FCBA Office ----------------Tuesday, Sept 1st, 6:30-8:00pm

On Line Registration Closed -----------------------------Sept. 8th.

Late Register at KW/FCBA Office ----------------------Thursday, Sept 10th, 6:30-8:00pm

Tryouts (Ages 7-19) ----------------------------------------Saturday, Sept.12th Player

Draft ------------------------------------------------------------Sunday, Sept. 13th ALL Drafts

Practice Begins ----------------------------------------------Monday, Sept. 14th

Season Begins -----------------------------------------------Saturday, October 3rd

Season Ends --------------------------------------------------Mid/Late - November


A Note About The League:

Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball Association is dedicated to provide the best youth baseball experience possible for your kids. This of course largely relies on volunteers to be managers, coaches, age group coordinators, league coordinators, etc. Why not stop fooling around or pointing fingers ... step up to the plate and get involved! Become a part of our KW/FCBA organization. KWFCBA is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help make KW/FCBA a better place for your kids to experience the game of baseball the way it should be played.

In order for the league to function efficiently, your kids need ...

· Team Managers

· Assistant Coaches

· Team Parents

· Team Sponsors

· Board Members  ... and volunteers who will dedicate time and effort, all for the sake of your kids.  


Players range in age from 4 to 19. We offer – 10 game fall season, Scheduled Practice on fields and batting cages, EOS tournament (6 & above), Major League licensed/authorized Uniform Jersey, Hat & Socks, Umpires (ages 7 and above), Fenced Lighted Fields at all ages, Graduated Pitching and Base Paths. KW/FCBA also offers a separate program for Select teams.


Practices / Games Practices begin in early September. Practice schedules are issued by KWFCBA for practices held on KW/FCBA facilities, other practices may be determined by each team. ALL teams are scheduled on KW/FCBA facilities equally and team managers are not allowed to substitute practices close to their home for their convenience without KW/FCBA approval. Field and cage times are to be used by teams for their players whenever available, not a school yard close to the manager’s house. Games begin October 3rd. Most divisions will play one game on a week night and one game on Saturdays. There is a possibility of double header on Saturday. A double-elimination post season tournament is planned for divisions Shetland & above, weather permitting.


Refund Policy

· Prior to player drafted or placed on a team - 100% refund*

· After draft, No refund Must complete a KW/FCBA Refund Request Form (click on headline above) and email or mail to the KW/FCBA Player Agent ONLY to submit request. The form can also be found on the website under Forms. Request form must be completed and submitted completely filled out. NO emails, text, or phone calls to Board members, coaches, past coaches, past Board members, etc. will be honored as a withdrawal.

Ø Special situations: Injuries, family issues, etc. subject to board review.

Ø Requests due to joining another team are NOT eligible for partial refund. We do review rosters for select teams at USSSA, Nations and other websites for participation on teams.

Ø *Refund are only issued once a month – after April 1st for Spring Season and after October 1st for Fall Season.    

KW/FCBA Baseball Program - Spring


The Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball Association program consists of the following options for players dependent upon their age and skill set.

KW/FCBA General League play for ages 4 – 19 consists of divisions of play as follows:


TBall ages 4/5 – utilizing tees for hitting,


Shetland age 6 utilizing coach toss,


Pinto ages 7/8 utilizing a two tier format- DI 8U consisting of 4 to 6 teams and DII 7/8 both utilizing machine pitch,


Mustang ages 9/10 utilizing boys pitch and lead offs etc,


Bronco ages 11/12 full baseball,


Pony ages 13/14 full baseball,


Colt/Palomino ages 15 -19 full baseball.


Players for the general league register, tryout (except ages 4-6 placed on teams by neighborhood), drafted onto teams, practice Feb – March with games played end of March through May. Summer tournament teams are selected at ages 8 through 19 from the general league teams for PONY & USSSA summer tournament play.


KW/FCBA provides lighted field use for practice and games, umpires at ages 7 -19, uniforms (consisting of hat, shirt, socks and cap), equipment (batting helmets, catchers gear, baseballs), insurance, 12 game schedule, end of season tournament ages 7-19, trophies (1st & 2nd place season and tournament for ages 7-19 & participation trophies for all players in ages 4-6 with Shetland 6yr olds receiving end of season tournament).


General League players are not allowed to play up except five year old that has played full year (Spring & Fall season) in TBall. Playing up to Shetland is ONLY allowed after confirmation of play by league coordinator in conjunction with Player Agent or VP.



Division I & Division II:


Within the General League structure KW/FCBA provides two playing divisions in some age groups based upon the number of participants registered and if interest warrants. These divisions are typically available in the Pinto and Mustang ages, again based upon the number of participants and if interest warrants.


  • League Division I (Competitive-Advanced Recreational): Comprising approximately 35% of an age group DI offers more competitive play for the more advanced player. Typically, in an age that has enough participants there are 4-5 teams formed. Teams are selected by a tryout (note: not everyone is selected who attends the tryout). All players not making a DI team will be placed in the DII player pool. DI League typically selects end-of-season team(s) to participate in the PONY National Tournament series. DI is more competitive play level. Players are expected to have above average skills.
  • League Division II (Recreational): Comprising approximately 55% of an age group DII with teams drafted after a tryout (note: all players who register are drafted). DII League typically selects end-of-season team(s) to participate in the PONY National Tournament series.  In DII there is more emphasis on fundamental instruction, everyone makes a team.








KW/FCBA is accepting team entries either KWFCBA teams or
Kingwood Neighborhood Select teams.
Field/facility use with lights, insurance, tournaments, leagues and more.

(All managers/coaches are required to complete & pass background check.)

For more information contact:

Mike Jeffrey



Physical Address:

KW/FCBA office is located at 1701 Northpark Drive,Unit 18. 
In the Northpark Business Center.

Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 6535 
Kingwood, Texas 77325.


League Contact Information:

Phone: 281-455-9096



E-mail KW/FCBA

Field Locations:

Roll over & click on 

facility name for map.


Deer Ridge 
(Fields for ages 9-19)
Forest Cove 
(Fields for ages 4-10)
Civic Center - Forest Cove 
(Field for ages 9 &10)