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Pinto Rules


I. General


A. Each manager shall adhere to the KWFCBA list of Managers’ Rules and Responsibilities, Local League Rules Stand alone and Bylaws Local League Rules.

B. After each game or practice, fields must be raked and repaired.

C. Batting practice and soft-toss against the fences are permitted only if plastic balls are used.

D. Each team is responsible for cleaning its dugout and spectator areas of all trash.

Penalty: Forfeiture of game and/or loss of practice time(s). Further infraction, suspension of manager and /or coaching staff. 

F. Bats:****New for 2018 all bats must have a USA Baseball logo on them...see article  Wooden, metal, graphite or ceramic bats manufactured for baseball play, which are round and not more than two and five eighths inches in diameter at the thickest part, not more than 42 inches in length, are acceptable. Bats manufactured specifically for use in tee-ball play, shall not be used when the ball is pitched by a player, coach or pitching machine. Coach pitch bats will only be used in coach pitch using a safety ball.

G. Each Manager is responsible for the actions of his players, coaches and fans.

H. Provide one adult pitcher for each game. Such persons are not umpires and will not in any manner interfere or interject their opinions regarding calls or decisions made by umpires and shall not act as a coach. Acting as a Coach can be defined as providing verbal or physical instructions to the batters or base runners as well as verbal or physical instructions to another coach and is strictly prohibited. After the ball is hit the adult pitcher must move to foul territory immediately to avoid interference with the play.

I. Ejections-

1.) Player/Coach/Manager: Any player, coach, or manager ejected from a game will leave immediately, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of game. An automatic one game suspension accompanies player/coach/manager ejection. The one game suspension is the next game to be played by their team. There is NO appeal of the mandatory one game suspension.

2.) Parent/Guardian: Any parent/guardian ejected from a game will leave immediately, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of game. The child/player of the ejected party is also ejected and will immediately leave the game. There is no additional game suspension of the child/player imposed. 

II. Duration of Games


A. Except as provided in 2D below, games shall be 5 innings (4 ½ innings if home team is ahead). Starting time shall not be later than the league designated time, unless approval is received from the League coordinator.

B. No inning shall start after ninety minutes following the actual starting of the game.

C. Once an inning has started, it will be played to completion.

D. If a game is "called" for any reason other than the expiration of the time limit, it shall be a completed game if 3 innings have been completed or if the home team is ahead after 2 ½ innings.  

E. In the event games need to be rescheduled (inclement weather), they will be rescheduled by the League Coordinator at the earliest available field date and in order of occurrence. Make-up games will have preference in field use over previously scheduled practices.

F. Ties shall stand. However, if 5 innings have been completed and the score is tied, and the 90 minutes time limit has not expired, an additional inning(s) may be played.

G. Run Rule (Mercy Rule): An imposed Mercy (Run) Rule shall be used to complete a regulation game when one team’s margin of lead is greater than or equal to the following run differential. If a team is leading an opponent by at least 15 runs after three, 10 runs after four, or 8 runs after 5 five or more complete innings have been played the game shall be terminated and the team in the lead shall be declared the winner.  


III. Player Participation


A. An official game is not to be started or completed with fewer than 8 players per team. In the event that there are fewer than 9 players participating, an automatic out will be recorded when the missing player’s turn at bat occurs (9th position in the batting order).

B. All players present shall be listed in the lineup and bat in turn regardless of whether they are playing on defense that inning. If a player arrives late he shall be placed in the last position of the batting order.

C. Each player shall play at least 1 inning in the infield each game. Managers shall apply this rule by scheduling defensive positions as if the game will last 4 innings. Infield positions include 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, 3 base, and pitcher. Catcher is not an infield position

D. Except in the case of injury, no player shall sit out two consecutive defensive innings and a maximum of 2 innings per game.  If a tournament game goes into extra innings all players on the team must have sat 2 innings before any player sits for a third inning.

E. Any player present but unable to play due to injury will be noted as Injured any may not play that game.

F. A player who becomes injured or ill during a game and either misses his turn at bat or cannot play in the field either of the next two defensive innings is considered out of the game and may not return to the lineup. The Manager shall inform the umpire, official scorer and the opposing Manager of the player’s removal from the lineup prior to the player missing two consecutive defensive innings or the game shall be forfeited.

G. If a Manager wants to discipline a player by not allowing him to play in a game, approval must be given in advance by the League Coordinator(s), in consultation with the Player Agent if possible. Managers may determine amount of playing time contingent upon player attendance at practice, prior to or before the next game, if the absence of the player was not communicated for the practice(s) involved with the absence(s). A Manager may, however, in the absence of and without the prior approval of the Coordinator, take appropriate disciplinary action, including benching a player, in the event a player, during or immediately before the game, violates the League’s bylaws or rules regarding on-the-field conduct. Such discipline shall be reported immediately to the official Scorer, umpire, and opposing Manager. Such violation and disciplinary action shall be communicated as soon as possible to the League Coordinator(s) and Player Agent. Any abuse of this exception found to have been motivated (in whole or in part) by a desire to obtain an advantage is unsportsmanlike and will subject the Manager and team to penalty (including forfeiture) and disciplinary action (which may include suspension or removal).


IV. Game Rules:


A. The home team shall provide scorer for the official score book provided by umpires prior to game time and the visiting team will provide scoreboard worker. The umpire will provide a game recap card and secure both home and visitor manager’s signatures. These cards shall be relied upon in the event of a question as game score and umpire’s payment. Pinto managers must exchange with the opposing team 10 minutes before scheduled game time the fielding matrix, Amendment A (which lists players by last names and jersey numbers) and batting order (which lists players by last names and jersey numbers). Matrix and batting order may be changed until the first pitch is thrown. Late arrivals will be added to the end of the batting order and matrix must be adjusted.

B. For player and lineup planning purposes it is assumed all games will last 4 innings.

C. Any team practicing before a scheduled game shall be off the field 1 hour prior to game time and shall have the field completely raked in preparation for the scheduled game.

D. No team may take batting practice on the scheduled playing field within 1 1/4 hour of game time. This does not preclude soft toss against the fence or in the outfield with whiffle balls, or use of the batting cage, if available.

E. Home team shall use the 3rd base dugout and take infield practice 30 minutes prior to game time for 10 minutes. Visitor team shall use the 1st base dugout and take infield 20 minutes prior to game time for 10 minutes. Managers and umpires shall meet at home plate 10 minutes prior to game time to discuss game rules and rosters.

F. There shall be only 1 offensive and 1 defensive time-out per ½ inning, unless there is an injury.

G. There shall be a maximum of 90 seconds between each ½ inning, time starts when 3rd out is made in previous inning.

H. There shall be no more than 4 Manager/Coaches/Team Moms per team inside the fenced playing area once the game has started. This does not apply in case of emergency or injury. All coaches must be within “arms reach” of the dugout at all times (assuming not inside the dugout) except for the pitcher, 1st and 3rd base coaches when on offense.  All coaches must be within “arms reach” of the dugout at all times when their team is on defense.

I. Every effort shall be made to keep games moving to ensure the maximum number of innings are played. Attempts to delay or slow the game found to have been motivated by a desire to take advantage of  the expiration of time limits are un-sportsmanlike and will subject the Manager and/or team to penalty by the umpires and/or disciplinary action.

J. Courtesy runners should be used for catchers with two outs (the catcher will be defined as the catcher for the next or upcoming inning instead of the catcher of record or the catcher of the last inning). The player who made the last out must be used. If a courtesy runner is used for the catcher of the upcoming inning then the catcher must catch the entire inning unless injured and removed from the game.

K. The catcher for the next inning should have shin guards on unless he is on deck with no outs or with one out and nobody on base.

L. There is no infield fly rule.

M. Walks, bunts, and/or stealing bases is not allowed.

N. Base runners must remain in contact with the base until the ball is hit or crosses home plate. After 1 warning to a team, failure to comply with the rule shall result in the runner being declared out. Dead ball no pitch is called.

O. Each batter shall receive 6 pitches. Three swinging strikes (with no contact on the last strike), or not swinging on the sixth pitch, constitutes an out.  The batter may continue his at bat if a foul ball occurs on the 6th or subsequent pitches.

P. Play ends when the ball becomes dead.

1. When the ball is in possession of an infielder and in the umpires  judgment the lead runner’s advancement has been halted, the umpire shall call time out and the ball is dead. 

2. In Pinto DII only, when there is an overthrow to first base that remains in the field of play (does not go into a dugout or outside the fence), when any fielder begins an attempt to return the ball to the field of play, the ball is dead. 

Q. Live ball rules follow:

1. The ball remains live on overthrows, and runners may advance at their own risk.  However, if a thrown ball goes into a dugout or outside the fence, the ball is dead and runners shall advance two bases.  

2. A batted ball remains live if it hits an umpire in fair territory. Runners may advance at their own risk.

3. A thrown ball that hits an umpire or Coach/Pitcher remains live.  Runners advance at their own risk.

4. If a batted ball strikes the pitching machine, hanging cord the ball and or   Coach/Pitcher is dead and all runners advance one base.

5. If a live ball hits the Coach/Pitcher and in the umpire's judgment and has interfered in the fielder's attempt to make a play, the ball is dead and lead runner is out. 

6. The Coach/Pitcher shall not direct or coach their team’s hitters in anyway while on offense/hitting. PENALTY: The Coach/Pitcher will receive one warning and the second time the Coach/Pitcher must be removed from the field of play (this includes the dugout area).

R. Teams should "hustle" on and off the field. No more than three players may "huddle" on the field at once.

S. The pitchers starting position shall be beside or behind the pitching rubber with at least one foot within the pitcher’s mound. 

T. Each Pinto team shall field 10 players. A team must have at least 8 players to start an official game. If a team cannot field 8 players 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, the game is forfeited. When only 8 players are present, an out must be taken when the ninth position in the batting order would come to bat.

U. An outfielder may not make an unassisted out in the infield. 1st baseman may not pursue runners except in normal 1st basemen play in baseball. (Can’t chase runners down across infield.)

V.  The maximum number of runs per half inning is 5. Except in the 5th inning or later, maximum is 8 runs.

W. Bench and field conduct and sliding shall be governed by KW/FCBA Local League Rules.

X. PINTO is Coach pitch; Pitchers will pitch 38 feet from home plate using the pitching rubber as normal. 

Y. The catcher is to assume a catching position directly behind home plate within the designated catcher's box and participate in defensive play. The catcher's box is to be drawn to a dimension 43 inches wide by 8 feet in length/depth from center of plate. Catcher’s mitt is optional.

Z. The catcher must cover home plate on plays involving home unless catcher is out of position making a defensive attempt at a play. (The catcher is a playing/participating position.)




V. Standings


A. League standings shall be maintained by the Coordinator and shall be posted at periodic intervals. Standings shall be determined on the bases of winning percentage. Winning percentage shall be calculated by dividing the number of wins by the number of games played, with a tie counting as half a win.

B. If, at the end of the season, two or more first place teams have the same winning percentage, they shall be declared co-champions.

C.  For tournament seeding purposes, ties in winning percentage shall be broken first by head-to-head record, then by coin flip. 


VI. Other Rules


A.  All other rules will be as specified in the current “Official Baseball Rules”, as modified by the current PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations for the appropriate age Division.

B.   All baseball activities, rules and regulations provided for hereinabove are subject to the Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball Association Bylaws, particularly the Local League Rules of Article XVIII. 







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