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TBall Rules

1 General

A. Each Manager shall adhere to the KW/FC Baseball Association list of Managers’ Duties and Responsibilities

B. KW/FC Baseball’s objective for T-Ballers is for the players to have fun while they learn the very basics of the game. Score books (and obviously wins/losses) will not be kept.

C. After each game or practice, fields must be raked and repaired

D. Batting practice and soft-toss against the fences are permitted only if plastic balls are used

E. Each team is responsible for cleaning its dugout and spectator areas of all trash

F. Each manager is responsible for the actions of his players, coaches and fans

2 Duration of Games

A. A game is 3 innings

B. Rain outs, or other reasons for cancellation of games, will be rescheduled by the League Coordinator

3. Player Participation

A. All players on the roster who are present will be listed in the lineup and will bat in turn through the lineup, each inning.The batting order shall be reversed, after every inning

B. All players will play defensively in the field each inning Six infielders are allowed with no catcher The remaining players will be positioned in the outfield

C. Every player must play the infield a minimum of one inning, and no player may play the infield more than two innings per game Every player will play every position at least once during the season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      D. No player may be held out of the game for disciplinary reasons

4 Pitching

A. No player may pitch Hitting will be from a suitable batting tee

B. The player assigned to the position of pitcher shall be at least 30 ft from home plate in the designated 10 foot diameter pitching circle

5 Game Rules

A. The home team shall occupy the third base dugout and be responsible for preparing the field for play, including chalk lines for base paths, pitching circle, and foul ball arc The visiting team is responsible for raking the field at the completion of the game and ensuring all equipment is returned to the shed

B. The home team may take infield practice for 10 minutes beginning 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time The visiting team shall then have 10 minutes to use as infield practice, if so desired

C. All reasonable efforts shall be made to start games at the scheduled starting time, including shortened infield practice, if necessary

D. Teams should "hustle" on and off the field No more than three players may "huddle" on the field at once

E. Only one offensive time-out is allowed per inning

F. There will be no umpires

G. Two adult coaches are allowed in the outfield to instruct players Coaches may not touch the ball while it is live

H. A coach is permitted at home to assist the batter with stance and swing They should remove the tee if a play will be made at home and shall endeavor to speed up the batting process by having the next batter ready

I. Rules for hitting off the tee

   1. No bunting, batter must take full swing

   2. Ball must go beyond an arc that is chalked between 1st and 3rd base lines, 10 ft from home plate or it will be called a foul ball

   3. Any ball hit that goes beyond the 10 foot arc, whether intentional or not, is in play

   4. Any player throwing a bat outside of the batters circle will be issued one warning If the infraction continues, he/she will be called automatically out

   5. All batters, runners, and on deck batters shall wear helmets

J. A ball is considered dead and base runners no longer advance when either:

   1. An out is made

   2. A defensive player throws to a base attempting to make an out

   3. The ball is controlled by the pitcher inside the pitcher’s circle.

K. The last batter of the inning should be treated as any other batter in the batting order (i e , should not round the bases simply because they are the last batter, but should a Section J above)

L. A pitcher may not make an unassisted out at any base if a grounder is fielded inside the pitcher’s circle, except for a play at home plate

M. An outfielder may not make an unassisted out in the infield N All players OUT must be removed from the base

O. There is no lead off or stealing of bases

P. An adult shall be in the dugout with the players at all times

6 Standings

A. Standings will not be kept in 5 year old T-Ball

7 Other Rules

A. All other rules will be specified in the current "Official Baseball Rules" (Sporting News Edition), as modified by the current PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations for the appropriate age division B All baseball activities, rules and regulations provided for the hereinabove are subject to the Kingwood/Forest Cove Baseball Association Bylaws, particularly the Local League Rules.